Monday, February 18, 2008

Take a Minute

In this busy world, I guess we could all take a moment to remember what is most important to us. For me it is my family. I love this picture of my mom taken on a particularly hard day for her. The smile gives a hint of her optimistic heart.

Right Here

I'm a believer that you don't have to travel miles and miles to find interesting buildings to photograph. Sometimes you just have to be observant. For example, I probably road my bike past this building about 100 times growing up, and never noticed the "Morgan" on it.
This is pretty and all, but I am ready for warmer weather. I really don't know how these ducks swim in this freezing water. I thought fowl flew South for the winter. I guess these ducks must be from Alberta

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Blue and WHITE

The new Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni building on campus is quite the building. It was finished and dedicated on President Hinckley's 97th birthday. It commemorates the life of a great, great man! His wife has a chair named after her on campus and President Hinckley wanted to move her chair into his building so that they could be together again. Finally, his wish is fulfilled and he is with his sweet wife again!
Sometimes it is the little things that catch my eye. This little fire hydrant stood tall with his cap of snow. I wondered what he was thinking, and then I realized that this hydrant has no higher level processing at all and therefore was thinking nothing! I imagine at times that he must look at the world around him and just shake his head.
The stormy weather is evident in Rock Canyon Park behind the bell tower. Provo didn't get too much snow, but the surrounding areas got 10-14 inches of snow today.
This is one of the oldest and probably my favorite building on campus. The Maeser building proudly displays it's Greek architecture representing more than just a sturdy building. It was one of the first buildings built on the upper campus right by the library--which is now the testing center.
While walking home last night, I saw the campus deer. These three deer (only two in the picture though) live on campus in the hills. I see them every few days eating the bushes and trees. I'm still trying to find out where they sleep. I guess if they are anything like college students, they probably don't sleep at all!