Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quaking Aspen

This is a picture of a tree in our backyard that has the initials DJM + LJS. Although it looks pretty old, my parents only carved this into the tree about 7 or so years ago. I remember going on backpacking trips with the boy scouts up in the mountains around Morgan and seeing dozens of these carvings with dates going back to the 1970's. I don't know if tree will last another 20 years because it looks like the Quaking Aspen grove is slowly dying in our back yard. Also on the tree are the initials of my other siblings and their spouses. It started as a thought (like everything else I guess) and has developed into a tradition. One of the best examples of love in a marriage relationship are my parents. Over the years I have watched as their love is constantly growing and developing into something I wish I'll have someday. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for your example and love!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter in Winter

Sean was quite content with his stickers and eggs. I'm not exactly sure what stickers he was putting on his egg, but I'm sure it was pretty awesome in his creative mind!
Smiling because he was having a good time with his aunt and uncle, or smiling because the weather was finally warm enough to play outside either one he was a happy little Joseph.
My brother and his wife--we've become a lot closer over the years, and have become good friends. I always enjoy spending time at their house talking, playing games, or trying to pass off that darn guitar hero song! They've always treated visitors with open hearts and have given them a special chocolate on occasion. I think my brother has a pretty cool family.
Christian is wearing his new glasses that he got over the Easter weekend. What better gift could you ask for than better vision?
Esplan found a nice spot on the hard ground to look through his eggs. With the help of his older siblings and grandparents, he was able to find quite a few.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Little Erin's smile always makes me do the same. Even on those rough days, I can always get a smile from watching the little ones--especially my nieces and nephews. Yesterday, some kids asked someone I was by if he lived up in the Kimball Tower (the 12 story building on campus). He laughed and said no. Today, I saw a little girl bumping into everyone around as she tried to get out of the library. I feel like that too during class breaks when thousands of students are around. Little kids have an manner of optimism and happiness around them!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Lamp Posts

A lamp post that doesn't light is pretty worthless in my mind. It is sad when the inner purpose of something is gone. At least it still stands proud and tall. I guess we can all learn a lesson from the lamp post: if we don't have the ability to shine, just stand strong until the day the light comes back. Usually that light doesn't come by itself--that is against the law of physics, but the little lamp post needs someone to fix it. So when your heart lacks the inner light, just stand strong like this little lamp post!
The mouth of Rock Canyon was catching a few rays of sunshine. I'm counting down until the trees start to bloom and the weather starts to get warmer. Winter is good during the months of December and January, but when March rolls around, I'm ready to see the brown world blossom into the thousands of colors that it is capable of producing.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Provo City Library was a new rendition of the old Brigham Young Academy. This building has always been one of my favorite buildings in Provo. Ironically, I have only been in this building twice, while I've been in BYU's library hundreds of times. Just as a side note, I have also sleeps many, many hours in there too!
A microscope in the Widstoe building. This lab is dedicated to studying cancer and the mechanisms of which it occurs. Our hope is, obviously, to make steps towards better diagnosis and prognosis tools and eventually find a cure.
The duck pond on campus was a hit today. I didn't count all of them but needless to say there were a lot hanging out there. They are peaceful animals to watch.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Little Jazz Fan

At my his brother's basketball game, my nephew kept finding gum on the bleachers and sticking it in his mouth before we knew what he was doing. He was fast! The game was close at the beginning, but the opposing team finally pulled ahead and finished off Christian's crew. You never know, though, he could grow up to be a player on the Jazz or maybe even the owner of the team.