Saturday, June 28, 2008

Onward to Stewart Falls

My brother's family camped up by Aspen Grove. Since I was at a rodeo on Friday night, I joined up with them Saturday morning for some breakfast and a hike. We went up Stewart Falls which is a very pretty 2 mile hike. This was our snack break down at the falls. You can tell that Esplan got pretty tired from getting carried up the whole way by his dad.
There are few things worth pointing out in this photo. First, as you can probably already tell, that is a rock that Esplan is throwing at me the exact moment I took the picture (it took me by surprise as well). The second thing is that I was trying to get him to smile for a little while, and it took a rock thrown at me to get a smile from him! Some kids...
Here is Michael and Christian happy to get to the falls. They both did really up to the falls, but you could tell that their legs were getting tired on the way back.
Every once in a while, a photo jumps out at me to the extent that while I'm reviewing them, I set it to my desktop background without any forethought. This is such a picture. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to make it your background too! This was taken on the way up to Stewart Falls. I wish I could tell you what kind of flower these are. If you know, just let me know in a comment, eh?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hauling Hay

I can't really remember the first time I hauled hay, but I bet that it was with my dad and brothers. I've hauled a lot of hay with my uncle Bruce as well. This was taken last weekend when we picked the hay up from a fairly small field. I've had a lot of memories with Bruce and this truck. We would go up to the dry farm at 6:30 am to get a load in before I would go to work and before it would get too hot outside. The radio actually worked in the truck, but would only pick up AM. Consequently, I became a fan of KSL talk radio and the Disney Station. There's nothing like listening to the traffic report explaining all the traffic jams on I-15 when you have wide open fields in front of you!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Too Young for Hogwarts

Harry Potter has nothing on this little guy. Sean is in deep concentration while he casts a spell on the people in the pool. He's only missing his wand, and the words to the spell. Okay, maybe he's not casting any spells, but it looks like it right?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Baby Blue

The M in Morgan at a little different angle than what we're used to. This is by a new housing development on your way toward the Golf Course. The primary elections for City Counsel is on Tuesday. There is a rodeo this weekend, and Steph's Drive-in has pretty darn good hamburgers. That's the Morgan minute. I was also thinking on my way back down to Provo that I if I had to live off the land, I wouldn't know how to tan leather if I needed to. I could skin the animal, but I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to make the leather nice and smooth--you know, for moccasins, gloves, pants, etc. That could be a big deal if you are trying to survive and couldn't use the leather from the animal you hunted. Since now I got you wondering, I looked it up online and found that you can actually use ash/water mix to take off the hair and then use the animal's own brains to tan the leather. I would have never thought of that! I'm a graduate in Neuroscience and that is one thing my professors neglected to tell me in my classes. If you are still wondering about the tanning process, check this out.

Here is another old truck we came upon in Morgan. While I was taking pictures of it, the owner came out and wondered if I was interested in restoring it. He asked because it is for sale, but I told him that I wouldn't have a clue to where I should start. Unfortunately, it doesn't interest me as much as tanning leather, so I didn't even bother googling "how to restore old trucks". He
did start the engine for us and it sounded really good!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Do You Have a Question?

Here is Bruce waiting for my attempt to barbecue. I got a marinade recipe from my roommate and I threw it on some meat and tried my hand at the grill. The polls suggest that I did an okay job, however, I'm not ready to be on the Iron Chef anytime soon.

My mom just got surgery on her left wrist. As you can see from the picture, the doctors may have moved a tendon in her wrist, but they didn't move the sense of humor we love about our mom. She had to keep her wrist above her heart for a day or two and so we would keep asking her if she had a question when she was sitting there with her hand up.
A warm Thursday night brings a lot of college kids up the Y parking lot. As you can see from the car streaks, there were quite a few. You can also see the star streaks, however, that longer one on the bottom is actually a plane. Provo is a great place to be during the summer because there are less people and more things to do outside. Technically, there are the same amount of things to do outside during the winter time, but they are a whole lot more enjoyable during the summer.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brothers Four

I haven't seen a picture with all four brothers together in a while. That chance came on Memorial Day when we had a family gathering at the church. While we were there, I threw a little basketball in the hoop across the entire gym. During my multiple attempts (probably 63 times) I started to get a small gathering of little cousins "oh"ing whenever I would get close to getting it in. Anyway, after that we went outside to get this picture.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Not Forgotten

I was actually looking through the pictures on my blog and didn't find a single picture of Kate. Well, there you go! This was way back on Christmas morning when Emma was checking out her Nintendo DS. I'm looking forward to a trip out to Texas in a month to see them and Emily's family.

Home Again

I went home for Father's Day and made an effort to grill up some steaks for my dad. I believe they turned out all right. This is a picture from our front porch. The new rockers give the house a southern feel that I like.
Notice how green the mountains are! These guys down at Clark's Dairy Farm are hauling their first cutting of hay. One thing is for sure, they are sure grateful for the wet winter and spring that helped their crops grow.
This spiky little plant provided a nice silhouette. The sunset was very pretty down in the field. This is looking west towards Weber Canyon.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brigham Young

Second president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and first Governor of Utah. He's also in bronze in a couple other places in Provo. Here is one in front of the administration building on campus, and there is another statue in front of the old lower campus or currently the Provo city library. If there are any other full statues around, I'm not aware of them. Every year when BYU plays Utah, the grounds crew will wrap all the statues in Seran wrap so that they don't get painted red or vandalized in some other way. Some of my favorite memories are when the rival games are going on. My dad still has the 2006 game when John Beck found Jonny Harline in the endzone for the win recorded on the DVR. We'll still watch it every few months when I make it up to Morgan. I still get a big smile when I watch it. It makes me excited for this football season.
The duck pond in the evening. I've been taking interest in the trees on campus and found out that the trees to the right are Bald Cypresses. They are really quite pretty if you look at them. They kind of look like trees that little kids draw with their crayons--Big trunks thinning quickly as they go up. I don't know, judge for yourself. You can see them just as good as I can! The tree branch hanging in the picture on your left belongs to a Western Water Birch. I know that you are wondering right now how I became so knowledgeable on campus trees, well check out the BYU Tree Tour and you soon find out that they tell you pretty much what every kind of trees are on campus. Some of my favorites are the Honeylocusts, Elms, and Maples. Through the tree tour, I've been introduced to Zelkovas, Lindens, and Ashes. Also, I bet you didn't know that BYU has Giant Sequoias and Redwoods. If you did know that then you can move up to my more advanced blog (whenever I get that posted) and if you would leave me a link to your blog I would like to check it out.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cars and Stacks

By my apartment is a auto shop that has a couple of old cars out front. I'm not sure if the guys are working on restoring these bad boys or just keeping them for a rainy day. Either way, it doesn't change the fact that gas prices are completely ridiculous. It's getting to the point where it makes me angry when I walk past the gas station on the way to work every morning. I can't even imagine how outraged I would be if I was actually driving and not walking.
Here is another familiar sight that I see every morning walking to work. This big smoke stack is rarely smoking but stands prominently in the Southeast corner of campus. I'm just trying to figure out how they painted that Y up on the smoke stack.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Our FHE group hiked the Y tonight (just like nearly half the other FHE groups in Provo!). I've never seen it more crowded than it was. The mountain was green, this guy's shirt was yellow, and the Y was white. Despite all the people, it was a good hike.
Here is a peek of Mount Nebo while we were hiking back down. With a height of 11,860 feet, it is the highest peak around here. It's even higher than Mount Timpanogos. The highest peak in Morgan is Thurston peak (9,706 ft.)which I believe is just North of the radar towers. For those that are visiting out of state, the highest peak in Utah is named Kings Peak and sits at 13,528 ft. That's pretty impressive until you compare it to Everest that more than doubles its height.
I can't really tell you mountain range over across Utah Lake, but this picture turned out quite nice with the stick and the mountains.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bridalveil Falls

The last time I tried to hike Bridalveil Falls was in February a few years ago and I couldn't get very far because an avalanche prohibited me from even getting to the base of the falls. This time of year, though, the falls are easy to get to and quite enjoyable when you get there. There's a trail leading up closer to the falls if you look closely just a few hundred feet up the canyon from the base pool.
As a kid we would come down Provo Canyon to go to a BYU football game and we would always look for the famous tram leading up the restaurant perched hundreds of feet up on the cliff. In this picture, you can barely see the restaurant in the upper right corner (but not as far right as you would guess). The tram or restaurant hasn't been opened for over 10 years due to damage caused by an avalanche. One Orem man was planning on rebuilding it by 2008. Well, considering this is 2008 and I haven't seen any progress on that, I'm assuming that it was a lost cause.
I'm standing down at the foot of the falls. If it were a hotter day, it would be fun to play in the water. I usually don't put too many pictures of myself up, so consider this one a bonus!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Green Mountains and Red Flowers

The cooler spring and the recent rains have really painted the mountains green in the state of Utah. I can't imagine a prettier time of year than seeing everything in the valley green and lush. The Y was thought up and built in 1906 under the direction of BYU president George H. Brimhall. Originally the idea was to have the letter B and U on both sides, but it took so much effort for just the Y that they decided to stop after that. Not surprisingly it is one of the largest school emblems of its kind in the country.

After it rained on Wednesday, I decided to go take some pictures of some flowers around my block. Surprisingly I found roses of all colors: red, purple, pink, yellow, and peach. I didn't know there were so many rose bushes around.

One day I was walking to the duck pond, and I saw this yellow rose bush with seriously hundreds of roses. It was quite the sight, so I decided to share this with my faithful readers.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Smile a Little

Even grandpa can make a funny face, although it probably has tempered out over the years. My nieces and nephews remind me of what is important. Sure there are a lot of serious and important matters in life, but if we can't unwind every once in a while then we're doing ourselves a serious injustice. When was the last time you ran through the grass just run? Kids do it all the time. Or when was the last time you did something with your imagination? Again...Kids are very good at this.
Finn has a great sense of humor. He usually does a good job of spreading that with others. He does some pretty funny things that I just have to laugh at. Whenever I'm over there past his bed time, he'll usually sit at the bottom of the landing on the stairs and slowly peak his head out to see what we "grownups" are up to. I just smile when I see little Finn hang out on the stairs because he doesn't want to go to bed.
I spy with my little eye... NOTHING! That is a game that Joseph likes to play and seems never to get tired with it. Sure he'll guess what you are spying, but inevitably when it is his turn--Nothing! It always makes me laugh.
"For many years as I have blessed newborn children, including my own, I have blessed them with a sense of humor. I do this with the hope that it will help guard them against being too rigid, that they will have balance in their lives, and that situations and problems and difficulties will not be overdrawn."
James E. Faust
“The Need for Balance in Our Lives,” Ensign, March 2000