Monday, November 24, 2008

Clean Energy

I guess you can say that I'm experiencing blogger's block. It is quite serious and in some cases fatal. I just don't know what to say about these pictures. I was looking through some pictures I took a while back and found some that got neglected. These were taken in some parks around Temple Square in Salt Lake. It's good to see that the city is up to date on clean energy.

The cool summer nights of yesteryear, or just a month or so ago. With Thanksgiving this week I can't help but feel the excitement for the holiday season. I always look forward to the good food, the family get-togethers, the games played, and service rendered. It seems like there has been a huge push these last couple weeks for food banks. For good reason too because with the economy down and unemployment up there are a lot of empty cupboards out there. I'm deciding to find more ways this season to help out with money or food, I guess we all can.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where in the World?


Who really cares about Carmen SanDiego, where in the world was Dave?  I can honestly say right here.  I found out that it is pretty hard keeping up with the blog when I work in Ogden, live in Salt Lake and don't have the Internet at my apartment.  Unfortunately, nothing really exciting has been going on in my life.  Here is a picture of Finn and me taken back in the Spring.  I include it because it was both of our birthdays last week.  He's trying to get me off his bike in this picture.  I was just along for the push.

I already miss the long days of Summer.  As many of you can relate, I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark.  I'm worried that the headlights on my car are going to burn out!  Consequently, it is hard to take
 pictures of everyday life when it is dark.  Since I had no other option, it took a picture of the full moon.  Slightly overexposed, the picture looks like it has the sun in it instead of the moon.  What can I say-- Gotcha.  

On a final note, the biggest game for both BYU and Utah is on the horizon.  I am really excited for the game.  I've been counting down the days for weeks now.  Whether you sport the red or blue this Saturday, it will be a good game.  I've been reading a lot of things online about what sports writers and bloggers have to say about the game.  Don't worry, I've gotten both sides.  If you want the Utes view check out the Salt Lake Tribune, and if you want the Cougars--The Deseret News.    I was quite surprised that there were comments of people out of state that liked neither of the teams, but just wanted to bash on the MWC saying that it doesn't even compare to the BCS conferences.  Say what you will, you can't deny the fact that the Mountain West held their own this year against the "high and mighty" BCS teams.  If you don't believe me, ask a Wyoming fan...or a Tennessee fan for that matter.  As for who will win the game on Saturday, we'll just have to watch and see.  However, Go Cougs!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Frights and Scares

Grandpa loves cows.  He works with them at work, and even holds them on his day off.  Tyler enjoyed wearing his little cow costume.  
Even super heroes need their juice.  Here is Esplan getting a quick drink before he headed back out to help with the spook alley at his house.  It was a warm Halloween, you could even go trick-or-treating without a coat this year.  Not that I went trick-or-treating, but it was just my observation of the ones coming through the alley.  

This scary figure is actually grandpa with a mask and chains on.  With the black lights, fog machines, spiders, and even little mice running around on the ground, the spook alley on Nathan and Kristy's porch turned out pretty spooky.  Most of the kids enjoyed it, but some wouldn't go through even with their mom by their side.