Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

This is the time of year that hearts are a little warmer, and smiles are a little more abundant.  People tend to give a little more to those that have a lot less.  At the same time, heads are heavy and join with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in saying "for hate is strong and mocks the song of peace on earth, good will to men."  The economic situation, daily news stories of crime and robbery, and personal pain or trial all contribute to a grim look on life and this Holiday Season.  What made the difference in Longfellow's situation was hearing the bells on Christmas Day.  Really, these bells were simply made of a clanker against the iron bell, some would even call it disrupting or annoying.  To Longfellow, though, the meaning behind the bells was what made the difference between a cacophony and music.  Most churches have stopped the traditional ringing of the bells on Christmas (most don't even have bells), and most people would be hard fought to even find a set of bells ringing on Christmas.  This does not stop us from hearing bells all around us if we listen.  Remember, it's what’s behind the bells that matter.  A simple star lit up on the refinery, a Salvation Army bell ringer, a nativity scene, a kind deed from a stranger, a Christmas song on the radio, a family gathering, a surprised look on a loved one's face when they receive an unexpected gift, a memory of a happy time, a memory of a sad time, a Christmas tree in an office building...  The list goes on.  You'll recognize the bells in your life when "the world revolve[s] from night to day, a voice, a chime, a chant sublime of peace on earth, good will to men!"  It wasn't the bells that changed Longfellow's outlook; it was the Spirit of Christmas that filled his heart.  It is the same Spirit that inspires men and women to do good.  The same Spirit that brings us comfort, peace, and truth.  It is the Spirit of Christ.  Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mom and Pop

       Here are my parents.  My dad here was watching my mom play guitar hero.  Can you believe that they both played?  They were both pretty good, but I think that my dad might have had the edge on my mom.  Pretty impressive Pop!

                                                                 I usually take my camera most places I go.  Today, however, I didn't have it when I saw some of the prettiest skies during the sunset.  There were deep red/orange clouds scattered all over the sky.  I mean, they weren't just over the mountains in the west, they were in the east, south, and you know what I'm getting at.  You'll just have to trust me because I didn't get a picture.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Kids, Turkeys, and Family


I don't know about any of you others out there, but it drives me crazy when I'm sitting at my computer minding my own business writing my blog when suddenly a picture that I'm writing about disappears!  You know what I'm talking about, I'm sure it has happened to you.  If it hasn't, it will.  It could happen to you!  It's like those silly teasers they give you on the news.  "Is something in your kitchen slowly killing you?  Find out tonight at 10!"  I mean honestly if something was killing me in my kitchen, shouldn't they tell me right then and not have me wait two hours?  Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving.  We went to Dave and Mindy's house in North Ogden and had some good turkey, good times, and good games!  If you want to see more from Mindy's point-of-view check out her blog.

That last picture was of Spee, of course.  He is so stinking cute.  He was so funny Thanksgiving night, he probably had 6 juice boxes and he was still hitting people up for a drink of their drinks as well.  As you can imagine, he had a full diaper that night.  This picture is of Tristan.  He was a hoot too, always running around with the older cousins and keeping up just nicely with them too.

This is Sean.  I think he had a good time watching the happenings of Thanksgiving.  Emily and Geoff came for a visit on Friday.  It was a good time with them.  I miss my Texan Siblings and hope that one day Texas and Utah can merge to the great state of Utex so that I can see them more often.  I don't think that will happen.

Finally, this is Ivy.  This picture turned out really well.  We were playing this game with that green ball that she has in her hands.  Pretty much all we did was through it back and forth with a little bit of dodge ball/keep away action.  Not really an inside game, that's why we had to keep out of view of Mindy!  I have more pictures of the weekend that I'll have to post soon.