Sunday, February 1, 2009

Camera Watching

 Today, as the world got ready to watch the Superbowl, Jeni and I went downtown to take some pictures.  As long as we stayed in the sun, the temperature wasn't too bad.  It was pretty cold, though, when we were in the shade of the many tall buildings in Salt Lake.  This is a picture of the long shadows on the conference building.  

This is a nice picture of Jeni in the shadows of the last picture.  There were a lot of people on Temple Square with their cameras taking pictures of people, buildings and other things.  It's a habit of mine to look at other peoples cameras wherever I go--just ask Jeni.  Even watching the Superbowl, I'll always look at the press cameras with their super-telephoto lenses on the sidelines trying to figure out the focal lengths and maximum apertures.  It's a bad habit, I know.