Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Parking and Hotdogs

Surprisingly, there was a Bees game today.  That's right, I didn't say tonight because it was at 10 am.  I didn't go to it because I was busy working.  I bet a lot of people were working which poses the question: why would they schedule a game in the morning?  Maybe it's because they are trying to accommodate, in this economy, the unemployed citizens of Salt Lake.  However, unless the tickets and parking and hotdogs were free--I doubt it.  Maybe it's too hot during the afternoon to play baseball.  It's May... so probably not.  That's it, I don't have any more guesses of why they would have a morning game during the middle of the week.

This picture, even though I tried to make it look old, was taken a few weeks ago at the season opener of the Bees.  Jeni and I went along with Mike and his date.  If I were ever on the Who Wants to be a Millionaire and there is a question about baseball, it would be Mike that I would call for a phone a friend.  He taught me a lot about baseball over the past few months with the most important being the difference between a perfect game and a no hitter.  I also learned about Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, and Jackie Robinson.  I learned the meaning behind the umpire's grunts and also that the Red Sox are afraid to let people measure their field.  I almost believed that it was the good ol' American past time until he told me the price of a Yankee's Ticket!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Best Seat in the House

We were talking tonight how the fact that there is always a cute blond sitting behind Simon on American Idol can't be a coincidence.  There must be some kind of upgrade ticket that they give to the nice looking, nice dressed girls.  Whatever it may be, it doesn't beat the seat that Spee had at the soccer games.  He was pretty happy with the fact that he climbed up on his dad's shoulders all by himself.  One good thing for Nate is that he can push back that hair cut he needed because little Spee pulled out most of his hair while climbing up there.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Celebration

Thanks for voting everyone.  I was told that the apple blossoms were a little too girly for my blog so it didn't get the cut.  I actually kind of like the blossoms but I can't admit that because that might make me a girl.  Capturing six of the nearly twenty votes, the drinks came out on top.  In celebration of the new banner, lets all enjoy some barbed wire that I found tonight.  Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Vote for the New Welcome Home Banner

Hey Everyone, time for some interaction with the Welcome Home faithful viewers (all 6 of you!)  I'm deciding to change my Welcome Home banner and want to know which one you think is best.  Voting will end on Wednesday evening at about 5.  Just click the one you want on the right.

Here are your choices:

1.  Apple Blossom
2.  Drinks

3.  Dandy Lion

4.  Building

5.  Bark


The official umbrella carrier at Kimi and Tucker's wedding was Finn.  He did a good job being on call in case if it decided to rain.  Not only did he hang on to it, but he made sure his cousins knew he had it to by "tapping" them on the head with it.  When I look back through the pictures, I can some of the other kids looking annoyingly at him when he whomped them on the head.  It was all good fun though.

In this picture, though, you almost forget the 5 year old boy in him and just see a cute little man.  Not that he isn't cute the other times, but you can just see it more in this picture when he isn't trying to nudge you with his umbrella.

Busy Bee

 I've been helping my dad prune the apple tree in our back yard.  It's the same tree we climbed when we were younger.  We pretended that the tree was a house and it had different areas or "rooms" of our make believe house up there, and I still remember where my room was.  Even though it was just Amber, Kimberly, and me playing up there, we had rooms for Nate, Emily and Ryan.  We all thought Nate's was the best because from his room you could climb out on the roof.  Which, Ironically, you could do from his real room too.

After spending a while pruning, I decided to take some pictures and found this little busy bee doing what bees do.  I was pretty amazed watching how intensely he was going from blossom to blossom spending only a few seconds at each.  I have to admit that I get a little jumpy when I'm close to bees--or shall I say when they get too close to me, and backed up a little to far and almost fell of the latter which I was standing on.  That reminds me of a funny story of Amber on a slide with a bee that I'll have to tell later.

Lastly, here are Kim and Tyler who were kind enough to be my models while I was playing with the light.  It was natural light, so I guess I really can't play with it too much, but I light the results it gave.  Tyler was just happy to be outside like his two older brothers were when I was pruning the tree.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Finger Licking Good

This is an older picture from our Easter lunch.  The whole family was together--with exception to the Texas folk.  We had some delicious potatoes and ham.  I have to give Kristy props for not putting onions in the potatoes.  If you know Nate and Kristy, they love to cook and experiment with food which include all sorts of spices and herbs.  If you know me, I'm okay with onions and walnuts being banned from American soil forever.  

A big hit at the Easter dinner was the cup cakes that Kim and her family brought.  As you can see here, Sean sure likes his!