Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Best Side Forward

Ever get the feeling that you just want to stick your head deep in the water with your tail in the air?  Well I have.  Some say that it would be better for me because that is my better side.  I don't really think it's a compliment to my butt, but an insult to my face.  I'm kidding.  But isn't this picture great??  Betsy took it!!

However, something that I'm not kidding about is the New York Times new Paywall they installed on March 28th (Ryan's Birthday).  Apparently, you are allowed to view 20 articles a month from New York Times' website and then after that, you get a nice little message like this:
Now, I was pretty disappointed when I got this message.  I visit the New York Times daily.  I've come to appreciate the writers, contributers, photography, and I even enjoyed the intelligent comments that people leave--unlike a lot of comments in the Salt Lake Tribune comments section.  I had a mixture of anger, disappointment, and sadness when I wasn't allowed to view the NY Times until next month.  I know I can pay $130 or so for a year to read all I want, but I think I'll just get my news elsewhere, sadly.

To help alleviate some of my pain, I have a question for you.  Where do you like to get your news on the internet?  Some other sources I like are:  npr, the Washington Post, cnn, and the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News locally.  I can't get KSL at work, but I did like that site when I could view it.  CNN is actually one that I've looked at more lately.  I used to debate with someone I admire about which was better:  the New York Times or CNN.  Good times.  I also know that Nate likes the Wall Street Journal, but the last time I was on it I could only get very few articles without paying.  And Kristy likes modbod for her news, but I question whether they corroborate their sources.  I'm teasing her, but now worries she'll never see it because her limit is one paragraph on my posts.   So I know that you won't leave a comment, but come on!  Just tell me where you like to get your news.  Or if you're shy, just email me.  Thanks!