Saturday, July 13, 2013

California Redwoods

Few things compare to feeling of standing amongst some of the largest, most majestic trees that have ever placed root in this world. The California Redwoods most surely will help you put things in perspective. If they don't, then walk out of the grove to overlook the Pacific. Still, if this doesn't make things look big, then wait until night. The Milky way is an awe inspiring sight. Which reminds me, don't forget to smile and wave to Cassini as it turns its cameras towards earth on July 19th.

Crooked Smile

With big blue eyes, a tie-dyed shirt, chocolate on his lips and a crooked smile, he is feeling good and going strong. That's what the Fourth will do to a fellow. The summer is a beautiful time of year. It always goes a little more quickly than one wishes, but I hope that you're finding time to enjoy the cool grass between your toes.